How does DEFINITY compare to laser recorders?

DEFINITY has been designed with one simple objective: to deliver the very same image quality you have come to expect from considerably more expensive, laser-based systems. In independent shoot-outs comparing identical digital material recorded on the two systems, DEFINITY has repeatedly prevailed over laser recorders. For example, with regard to color fidelity you may find that the spectral characteristics of DEFINITY's triphosphor light source are capable of reproducing certain digital hues you previously thought unachievable on a laser recorder.

Apart from image quality, economic considerations differ widely for DEFINITY vis-à-vis a laser recorder in terms of procurement, maintenance, servicing and running costs, and even recording speed:

For the vast majority of digital material and cinematographic film stocks DEFINITY will be decidedly faster than a laser – only when extreme density ranges on intermediate stocks are aimed at, the great light intensity of solid-state lasers will gradually result in shorter cycle times.

Unlike a laser recorder, DEFINITY does not require the signing of expensive service contracts: DEFINITY LCD technology and its low-wear mechanics make the system virtually maintenance-free. Furthermore, DEFINITY does not require the extensive training or hiring of additional personnel as it can easily be operated by your existing staff alongside a tape rack or rendering station.

Finally, you will find that the procurement costs for a DEFINITY are significantly below those for any comparable laser-based system, markedly easing the financial pressure this investment puts on your operations as well as reducing the commercial risk involved in the light of any future market developments.